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Business coaching is a powerful approach for entrepreneurs, business owners, and independent professionals to improve their success in:
  • Business Strategy and Planning 
  • Aligning Personal Values with Business Goals
  • Marketing Tactics, Tools and Skills
  • Overcoming Fear, Procrastination, and Self-Doubt
  • Product Development
  • Developing Personal Potential and Management Skills
  • Project and People Management
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HOW WILL I BENEFIT FROM COACHING? Coaching enhances your ability to learn, create, make desired changes, and achieve goals. In a coaching relationship, your coach works with you to: 
  • Get clear about what you want to accomplish 
  • Solve problems, eliminate obstacles, and avoid pitfalls
  • Set realistic goals and make effective action plans 
  • Learn new skills and techniques 
  • Gain perspective, get feedback, and discover new ideas
  • Stay true to your vision, focused on your goals, and on track with your plans
WHO BECOMES A COACHING CLIENT? Business coaching is appropriate for any entrepreneur, business owner, or self-employed professional.

C.J. Hayden's specialty is coaching entrepreneurs to get unstuck and get on purpose, breaking through barriers that hold them back from thriving. Learn more about C.J.'s coaching here.

Donna Feldman and GET CLIENTS NOW! coaches around the world work with anyone who markets a professional service, such as:

Accountants • Attorneys • Architects • Bodyworkers • Chiropractors
Coaches • Computer Professionals • Consultants • Counselors
Designers • Engineers • Financial Advisors • Freelancers
Health Practitioners • Insurance & Investment Brokers • MLM Distributors
Photographers • Real Estate Agents • Recruiters • Salespeople
Speakers • Therapists • Trainers • Writers

Find out more about coaching with Donna Feldman here, or locate a GET CLIENTS NOW! coach in your state or country in our directory of licensed facilitators.

WHEN DO I NEED A BUSINESS COACH? You should consider working with a coach when you are:
  • Starting a new business or project
  • Building a consulting or professional practice
  • Needing to focus your business ideas
  • Looking for a way to package what you do
  • Trying to develop a profitable business model
  • Wanting to improve profits or find new customers 
  • Feeling stuck or blocked with moving your projects forward
  • Having trouble managing people, projects, or time 
  • Choosing to make significant changes in how your business works
HOW IS COACHING DIFFERENT FROM CONSULTING? Traditional consulting focuses on offering external solutions and prescriptive advice. Coaching facilitates the discovery and implementation of answers that are uniquely your own. Your coach provides guidance, expertise, recommendations, and skill-building techniques whenever they are useful, but doesn't do things for you, nor dictate what you should do. Coaching is more allied to training or mentoring than it is to consulting, because the emphasis is on your own learning and experience rather than on specific answers provided by an outside expert. Your coach will supply you with ideas, resources, models, and systems that are proven to work, but won't hand you a completed action plan nor assert that there's only one right way to accomplish your goals.

HOW DO I GET STARTED? Most one-on-one coaching happens over the phone. You and your coach can be located anywhere in the world. Our coaches offer both ongoing coaching or short-term strategy sessions. You can also bring a coach to your location to work with your management or marketing team.

Ongoing coaching relationships begin with an initial session to create an overall strategy. Regular coaching sessions are then held weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Short-term or "a la carte" strategy sessions are available at an hourly rate. Your first session has a one-hour minimum; subsequent sessions may be shorter if desired.

On-site team coaching is available in half-day or full-day sessions. You may also wish to consider follow-up group sessions via teleconference.

COACHING WORKS. Contact us now to find out more about what coaching can do for you!

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